These engineering notes (not quite a blog) will, I hope, raise some useful questions, or provide useful answers.  They will always be a work in progress and your feedback is most welcome.

 JustOne an asynchronously triggered one-shot just one synchronous clock long.  2005/02/17

LogoS a DXP Delphi script for Protel 2004 to make a PCB logo from a bitmap.  2005/02/22



I have previously used Atmels's JTAG ICE for programming and debugging AVR projects, but the client needed it back. So I ordered a compatible device from Miklobit in Poland. Internet shopping at its best! The price was excellent and the delivery superb - 8 days from Poland to New Zealand. It worked first time (well after I enabled the power supply from my target). The device is much smaller than the old Atmel one was too. I thoroughly recommend them - Miklobit  

I have moved to my country property in Ohai, Southland. Its well out of ADSL coverage but Woosh provides an excellent wireless broadband service. I've been pleasantly surprised by the speed that parts, development systems and software CDs get here. My lab/office has a great country view and faces north so it gets plenty of sun. It makes work a pleasure.

I had a client with a problem involving a PIC flash micro-controller interfacing to a Dallas one-wire device. He needed to know what the (3rd party) PIC did with the Dallas chip so I bought a Microchip MPLAB ICD-2. It is a JTAG debugger and also allows programming and reading flash (so long as the code protection fuse isn't blown). It is a delight to use and the MPLAB software is free to download.

I also got a Maxim one-wire adapter that interfaces a PC serial port to a one-wire bus, recognises all the devices on the bus (including one on the adapter itself so you can see it's working). The software is web-based Java so it updates from the one-wire data base as new devices are released. A good example is what it does for the DS1820 thermometer. You can set and read registers and it even generates a graphic display of temperature vs time. Clever.